Welcome to ITPalooza 2015

Now in its 4th year, ITPalooza 2015 is set to be the best yet. During the coming months, the ITPalooza team will be working hard to bring you an event that is unique in the region and perhaps in the world. That’s because ITPalooza is the only event that brings together the entire South Florida IT community from CIOs through Tech User Groups to top local, national and international presenters and guests.

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ITPalooza 2015 is about staying connected to our fantastic South Florida tech community. It’s about learning and experiencing insights from top local, national and international presenters and guests. It’s about sharing and giving as we honor local charities. But most of all, it’s about having some good old-fashioned FUN!


ITPalooza 2015
Thursday December 3
NSU’s College of Engineering and Computing (Formaly GSCIS)

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